Takamachi Nanoha

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Takamachi Nanoha
ViVid anime Nanoha.jpg
Age 23 (Year 0079)
Age (as of 0081) 25
Age (by depiction) 9 (MGLN[1]/A's)
11 (Reflection/Detonation)
19 (StrikerS)[2]
23-24 (ViVid)
Magic Type Midchilda
Magic Light Sakura[3]
Device(s) Raising Heart
Family Takamachi Vivio (Daughter)
Fate T. Harlaown (Partner)
Takamachi Momoka (Mother)
Takamachi Shiro (Father)
Takamachi Kyoya (Brother)
Takamachi Miyuki (Sister)
Hometown Uminari City, Japan
First Appearance Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever (Visual Novel, 2000)
First Appearance (Chronologically) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (TV anime, 2004), episode 1: Is This What You Call a "Mysterious Encounter"?
Voiced by Tamura Yukari[1]

Takamachi Nanoha (高町なのは) is a magical girl[1] and civil servant.[4] She is the master of the intelligent device Raising Heart and the mother of Takamachi Vivio.[4] She is left-handed.[1]


She has a kind, but straightforward mind and is stubbornly courageous, so she can't leave behind people feeling loneliness and sadness.[5]


She was supposed to be an ordinary (Earthen) third-grader, but after meeting Yuuno Scrya, obtained magical powers.[5] As a first-class mage, she became a meritorious person in helping resolve the dimension-shaking Precia Testarossa incident alongside TSAB, and thereafter continued magical training.[5]


Her magical strong point is shooting and bombardment magic, to the point she has established the magic style of the “bombardment mage who can conduct a single battle”.[5]


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