Raising Heart

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Raising Heart
Standby Mode
Voiced by Donna Burke[1]

Raising Heart (レイジングハート) is Takamachi Nanoha's[2] intelligent device.[3] Raising Heart gives off pure sakura-coloured light.[2] Outside battle in Standby Mode (スタンバイモード), Raising Heart has the form of a spherical red gem, normally worn as a pendant.[2]

Raising Heart's other forms include:

  • The general-purpose Axel Mode (アクセルモード),[4] initially referred to as Device Mode (デバイスモード).[2]
  • The long-range fire Buster Mode (バスターモード),[5] initially referred to as Shooting Mode (シューティングモード).[2]
  • The Sealing Mode (シーリングモード), used for sealing Jewel Seeds, and also for using large magic requiring one's full power.[2]
  • The Excellion Mode (エクセリオンモード) used to strengthen magic output with Full-Drive Mode (フルドライブモード) and allowing for the use of the A.C.S (Accelerate Charge System).[6]


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's (TV anime, 2005)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection (anime film, 2017)