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Magic (魔法 mahō) is a general term for anything involving the manipulation of Mana, such as creating and using spells. Though not equated to conventional science, magic still adheres to a specific set of rules and limitations. Someone who specializes in Magic is typically called a mage, most of whom tend to wield a device to assist them. When using magic, a magic light is emitted. Said light differs in colour from person to person.[1]


Magic actions can be roughly divided into three categories.[2]

  • Changing Magic, involving changing the nature or shape of a substance.
  • Movement Magic, involving the physical manipulation of an object or its molecules.
  • Dazzle Magic, involving manipulation of a person's mind or soul.


The creation of a spell involves programming. This is done by having a mage combine the three magic categories to reach a desired effect and then execute the program itself by using their own Mana. Because of the complicated nature of using Magic most Mages wield a device that serves as a hard disk for spells, allowing them to more freely use Spells.[2]


Kyrie Florian using transformation magic

Though not strictly an act of transformation[3], this term refers to the act of applying magic onto your body in a way that alters or affects your body in some manner.

There are several types of transformation magic a mage might make use of.

  • Barrier Jacket, magic that allows a mage to be dressed in protective gear.[3] The Ancient Belkan equivalent is Knight's Garb.
  • Power Mode, a modern form of magic that allows a mage to change their body to that of an older or slightly younger version of themselves, also referred to as Adult Mode.[4]
  • Unison In, a mage can merge their linker core with a unison device to gain additional strength and skills, including elemental affinity to their magic.
  • Formula Suit, similar to Barrier Jacket, a protective gear that mixes transformation magic with the scientific research of Granz Florian on the planet Eltria.

Though transformation magic is often depicted in the anime series with detailed sequences, most transformations are instantaneous.[3] When using transformation magic, a mage's body emits a large amount of magic light during the duration of the transformation itself.


Takamachi Nanoha using shield-type magic

Apart from specific defensive spells and a mage's barrier jacket, there are also a variety of ways a mage can protect themselves in combat using magic.

There are three basic types of defense magic any good mage must master.[5]

  • Barrier-type, magic used to delay incoming attacks.
  • Shield-type, magic used to repel or reverse attacks.
  • Field-type, magic used as a protective aura to strengthen the body.