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The four Wolkenritter gethered

Wolkenritter (ヴォルケンリッター) are Ancient Belkan knights sworn to protect the Queen of the Night Sky, Yagami Hayate. Created by the Tome of the Night Sky as a defense protocol, they appear human but do not age. Though they were initially immortal, losing the connection to the tome has made each knight weaker and mortal.[1]

The four knights are

  • Signum, Knight of the Sword (剣の騎士) and wielder of Leavatein, the Demon Blade of Flams (炎の魔剣).
  • Shamal, Knight of the Lake (湖の騎士) and wielder of Klarwind, the Rings of Wind (風のリング).
  • Vita, Knight of the Iron Hammer (鉄槌の騎士) and wielder of Graf Eisen, the Black Iron Count (鉄の伯爵).
  • Zafira, Guardian Beast of the Shield (盾の守護獣).


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