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Ixveria, Flame Queen of Hades
VVST Ixveria.jpg
Unknown Age (Year 0080)
Age (as of 0081) Unknown[1]
Magic Type Ancient Belka
Magic Light Apricot Orange
Hometown Empire of Galea
First Appearance StrikerS Sound Stage X (drama CD, 2008)
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako[2]

Ixveria (イクスヴェリア) is the former ruler of the Empire of Galea and a cleric of the Church of St. Kaiser.[3] During the Old Era, her powerful magic and devastating Mariage army gave her titles such as Flame Queen of Hades (冥府の炎王)[4] and Hades of Galea (ガレアの冥府).[1] To her friends and loyals, she goes by the nickname Ixy.[1][3]


Ixveria is a gentle girl who likes cheering for her friends from Nakajima Gym during their martial arts matches.[2] Despite being created for war, she despises fighting and death.[1]


During the Old Era, Ixveria was the ruler of the Empire of Galea. Her body was genetically altered by her ancestors to make her a commander of an autonomous soldies known as Mariage, which formed the army Galea. Following the St. Kaiser Unification War Ixveria was put in hibernation to restore the energy she had lost creating the Mariage during the war. Several centuries pass until Ixveria is forcibly awoken by Tredia Graze in 0074. Graze used her body to create new Mariage, wishing to wage war on Midchilda. Shortly after a failed attempt to join forces with Jail Scaglietti, Graze dies an untimely death and Ixveria falls back into her hibernation.[1]

Ixveria is woken from her hibernation once again in 0078 after Runessa Magnus have found the Mariage created by Graze, causing the Mariage Incident. Thanks to the efforts of Subaru Nakajima, Ixveria was finally saved from enslavement and the Mariage Incident was able to meet its end. Subaru introduced Ixveria to the Church of St. Kaiser and Takamachi Vivio. Ixveria feels she still needs to rest further and asks Subaru to allow her to fall back into hibernation on her shoulder. The knights and sisters of the church takes her in, allowing her to rest safely until she feels ready to wake up again.[1]

During her hibernation, Vivio would often visit Ixveria to talk to her about various things.[5] At the end of 0079 Ixveria begins waking up, her "will" taking the form of a small avatar of herself, allowing her to see and interact with things to a limited exitent.[6] In early 0080, during Vivio's rematch with Miura Rinaldi, Ixveria's body is fully recharged and she wakes up in its entirety.[7] She begins helping the church by becoming a cleric, healing others with her powerful magic.[3]


StrikerS Sound Stage X (drama CD, 2008)

ViVid Strike! (TV anime, 2016)


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