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Standby Form
Voiced by Kevin J England[1]

Bardiche (バルディッシュ) is Fate T. Harlaown's flash battleaxe intelligent device.[2] Outside battle in Standby Form (スタンバイフォーム),[3] Bardiche has the form of a triangular golden pendant.

Bardiche's other forms inlude:

  • The Assault Form (アサルトフォーム) is Bardhice's standard form in combat after having a Belkan cartridge system installed.[1]
  • The proximity form Haken Form (ハーケンフォーム) gives Bardiche a blade of magic light in the shape of a sickle. This form adds fins to the main body to balance weight in favor of lighter more precise movement during combat. In order to sustain the blade, one cartridge must be consumed at the time of changing into the form.[4]
  • The Zanber Form (ザンバーフォーム) uses Full-Drive Mode (フルドライブモード) to strengthen magical output and gives Bardiche a large blade of magic light in the shape of a broadsword. Its used for offensive maneuevers, allowing destructive spells without cast times.[5]


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