Fuuka Reventon

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Fuuka Reventon
VVST Fuuka.jpg
Age 12 (Year 0080)
Age (as of 0081) 13
Age (by depiction) 12-13 (ViVid Strike!)
Magic Type Ancient Belka
Magic Light Ocean Blue
Device(s) Huracan[1]
Family None (Orphaned)
First Appearance ViVid Strike! (TV anime, 2016), episode 1: Fuuka Reventon
Voiced by Minase Inori[1]

Fuuka Reventon (フーカ・レヴェントン) is a martial artist and part-time employee at Nakajima Gym. She is the apprentice of Einhard Stratos in Hegemon Strike Arts and the childhood friend of Rinne Berlinetta who lived at the same orphanage as her.[1]


Fuuka is a serious girl who always tries being formal when addressing others, as well with how she handles herself.[1]


Fuuka was an orphan living at an orphanage run by the Church of St. Kaiser in Midchilda. Ever since she was a small child, she had gotten into fights with people older and stronger than herself.[2] In order to protect her dearest friend, Rinne Berlinetta, she swore to get even stronger.[2] But after Rinne was adopted, Fuuka's fights only brought trouble for the orphanage resulting in her leaving.[2]

Four years later she learns Rinne has taken up martial arts and sees a match involving her on TV.[3] Furious with Rinne's comments after the fight, she confronts her but is quickly defeated by her former friend.[2][3] After losing her part-time job from yet another fight, Fuuka meets Einhard Stratos, who insists on teaching her Strike Arts at Nakajima Gym.[2] Nove Nakajima offers Fuuka the opportunity to work part-time at the gym as well as living in her apartment. Having nowhere else to go, Fuuka accepts the offer, hoping she can face Rinne in the ring and find out what happened to her.[2]

She practices Strike Arts under Einhard for six months, leading up to the DSAA Winter Cup.[4] However, after Rinne loses to Takamachi Vivio[5], Fuuka no longer have a chance to face her in the ring. Einhard helps Fuuka set up a fight between the two former friends on the world of Carnaaji.[6] After a long and tedious fight, Fuuka and Rinne's unspoken feelings are shared with each other as Fuuka takes the victory.[7] Rinne tells Fuuka she loves her, and the two are close once again.[8]


ViVid Strike! (TV anime, 2016)


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